Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Kappad Kite Festival

Kozhikode: The three-day India International Kite Festival, organised by the Kappad Destination Management Council in association with Kerala Tourism Department, came to a close on the Kappad Beach near here on Monday.

A large crowd had gathered to witness kite flyers from different countries and other Indian States launch colourful kites over the beach on the concluding day. The dragonfly kites of team Karnataka, the ‘tiny kites' of Korea and the ‘Octopus' of U.K. were some of the favourites of the day.

The local public was also allowed to fly their kites on the last day. As many as 65 students participated in the kite-making workshop led by M. Siddik from Kerala and Gopal Patel from Rajasthan. Kites made during the workshop were also flown on the beach.

In Kerala's Kite Festival, kite flyers from 10 different countries will participate. State Tourism officials believes that the festival will attract several thousands foreign tourists in Kerala.

Kerala is also counting on domestic tourists since summer vacations is many parts of India begins with May 1, they hope to attract lots of families from Northern India, where kite flying is quire popular to participate in the event.

Although it would have been better if Kerala Tourism had decided to host the festival in Mid-May, that would have given several families enough time in Northern India to prepare the trip.

Kerala is second state after Gujarat to host International Kite Festival in India. In Gujarat Kite Festival is quite popular. Every year more than 100,000 foreign tourists visits state during kite festival. Kerala Tourism is also expecting similar numbers for their own version of Kite Festival. However it would be little difficult since its only the first year of the festival. It may take 2-3 years for the festival to attract large crowds.

Finally we hope that Kite Festival will bring some relief for the Kerala Tourism which has failed to attract tourists in last few months. Numbers of tourists visiting the state has fallen despite healthy overall growth of Indian Tourism.

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